Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why should I start/continue monthly services during the winter?
When the weather gets colder, rodents and other animals can find their way into your home.
Overwintering insects can infest your home and breed.
Stored pests brought home by accident through groceries, etc. also infest.
Chemical barriers are continuously maintained and reinforced.
Piece of mind knowing you have a pest control company under contract.

Q. What questions should I ask myself when choosing an exterminator?
Does the company have a business office you can go to?
Do they have someone to answer your call and schedule in a visit, if required?
How long has the company been in operation and at the same location?
Does the company treat the pest you have?
Are you getting value for the work and price given?

Q. What are the benefits of a conventional liquid termite treatment vs. bait stations?
The cost of a treatment using bait stations are often 2-3 times more expensive than a liquid treatment.
Bait stations are only effective if the termites tunnel into the stations and take the bait.
Liquid treatments create a complete barrier around the perimeter of the building, where bait stations are placed at ten-foot intervals, giving termites the ability to travel between the colony and your home without disturbing the bait stations.
Depending on the number of bait stations used, individual stations may be overlooked during an inspection.
Does the company treat the pest you have?
Are you getting value for the work and price given?

Q. What are the benefits of dealing with a company with an office?
Knowledge that the company has a building dedicated to the services they provide.
Prompt response by the company, often as quickly as the same day.
If needed, the client can stop by the office and discuss various issues with the technicians.

Q. Can I treat my house for pests myself?
Possibly. A number of pest-related problems can be dealt with by the homeowner, but for the majority of pest-related problems that arise, a Pest Control Operator (PCO) is needed to deal with the situation.

Q. Can I get the chemicals your technicians used?
No. Because of regulations concerning the chemicals being used, the company must be licensed to purchase the chemicals and the technician must be licensed and trained in the proper use of the chemicals.

Q. How do I know the materials a Pest Control Operator uses are safe?
Ask the PCO to show you his DEP license to ensure he is a legitimate professional.
Ask for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) label on the particular chemical.
Contact the manufacturer of the product being used for safety requirements.
Make sure the company you employ is reputable, licensed and has been in business for a long time.
Some short term business go out of business quickly when a problem arises.

Q. If I am on a pest control program and develop a termite problem, will the company take care of the infestation?
If a customer under a pest control contract develops a termite problem, we will be able to provide service for termites at a discounted price. This discount can also apply to some additional services requested by the client.