Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Some of the services we provide for your home or business are:
Termite and Carpenter Ant Control.
FHA-VA Real Estate Certificates.
Tick and Flea Control for your Home and Yard.
Mice and Rodent Control.
Bee and Wasp Nest Removal.

Free Estimates/Consultations
Have an infestation? Let us provide a free estimate for its treatment. You can also stop by our office in Red Bank with a sample of the pest, and we can tell you what is invading your home or business.
We advise anyone with a pest/termite control estimate that they feel is high to get estimates from several companies. You will find that our quality and service make Chesapeake more than competitive.


Ask us about our programs. Each one can be customized to meet your individual needs:
Integrated Pest Management: This innovative program offers the ultimate protection for your family and home.
Service Contracts: Termite protection for your home using EPA approved methods. This yearly service can protect you from costly repairs and enhance the resale value of your home.